Left for Dead tells of a disaster of unknown origin and proportion that wipes out most modern technology. After the COVID-19 pandemic of 2019, each subsequent winter, brings about back-to-back Polar Vortices which carry subfreezing artic weather systems down across continental U.S. In 2021, the Deep South gets hit with the worst one to date receiving heavy snow storms common in the Dakotas. Rolling blackouts sweep the nation and food shortages create widespread panic. Then, as municipalities begin to adjust to what experts called the ‘new normal for southern winter weather’, and bring about peace, a dark threat waits in the wings ready to bring about a new crisis.

Asher Latham is serving a life-sentence for murder in the state penitentiary when the power goes out and certain signs tell him that they’re facing more than a simple power outage. He believes an EMP event may have struck the U.S. and realizing the long term ramifications of such an event, he has no desire to die in prison. But, what can he do?

After time off due to the weather, Bethany Johnson has just returned to Vanderbilt University to work on her law degree when a bad day turns into a nightmare. She finds herself alone facing a murderous mob of accusers.

Associate Pastor Grant Foster and his loving wife finds themselves looking after a large group of their neighbors, employees of their RV dealership, and members of their church.

Best-selling novelist Carrie Raymore sits at her desk working on her latest book when her computer bursts into flames, the short circuit spreads to her external memory source frying months of work. Then she notices a neighbors home on fire and rushes over to help.

Follow along as these people face a crisis of epic proportions as they struggle to survive.

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